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Creative Art Team Building Seminars

Group Classes | Learn Techniques | Have A Meeting | Throw A Party | Build Cohesion

Enter Velia’s Creation Lounge or Velia can bring her Creation Lounge to you! Let Velia Lala take you on a journey through your imagination coming to life on canvas! Check out the class schedules below or contact us to create your own event.

If you are ready for me to excite and stimulate that creativity you say you do not have… This is the class for you! Each class is a three hour painting social giving you a great introduction to acrylic and mixed media art. Velia will provide demonstrations of her basic techniques and introduce you to the materials she favors. Individual attention is given to each student in the class as YOU create your one of a kind 20″x30″ piece of art!

Velia’s fun loving spirit will surely have you laughing as you enjoy a great evening of creativity and excitement. So gather your significant other, spouse, friends and family and make a party of it.

  • 3 Hour Social $135 per person
  • Each person brings home their very own art piece
  • Glitzy Pouring Classes requires pieces to be picked up after 48 hour curing
  • All Supplies Provided Comfy Clothing Suggested
  • Class Size limited to 13 people
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