Velia Lala

VeliaLalaBorn and raised in Louisiana, artist Velia Lala has had a multi-faceted career, spanning more than thirty years. From abstract to classical to castings, Velia’s work reflects her passionate background and zest for life. V. Lala Galleries is an outgrowth of this passionate pursuit of an artistic lifestyle.

Velia’s original and custom works exude life and energy with vibrant colors and textures that evoke authentic and positive emotions. Her talent is showcased through a multitude of artistic techniques that include acrylic, mixed medium, epoxy high gloss, photography and body casting/bronzing.

Velia’s work has been featured in regional media publications, galleries and throughout the Southeast United States via custom commissions. More recently, Velia has received media attention for her custom flag series, in particular, her “American Pride” collection. A staunch supporter of the divisions of United States Armed Services, Velia has presented pieces from her patriotic collection to American troops and their families in addition to donating to worthy causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

Velia has further diversified her artistic repertoire by mastering the process of replicating human models through the process of life casting. She is able to incorporate her unique style through the elements of sculpture in a three dimensional form. The result is a timeless work of art that captures the spirit of her models.

In addition to her collection of custom and original art, Velia supports art education and donates countless hours of art instruction to at risk/children in need. Velia’s efforts, as well as her continually sold out adult Wine & Art Socials is just another way for the artist to give back to the community and expose the joy of creation to a wide demographic of people.

Velia is a Contributing Artist to Chattanooga Heart Association, Sinfonia Gulf Coast, Wine Women & Shoes For Children’s Music Education, Bowlegs Augustus Museum, Cattleman’s Baron Ball Cancer Research, Gulf Coast Heritage Museum, Emerald Coast Scuba Special Military Operations, Alaqua / Sinfonia, and Children’s Advocacy Center Gala.

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