Metallica Underground


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Medium – Mix Media

4′ x 8′


Metallica Underground is a piece by Velia Lala, the owner of V. lala Galleries.


From Matt’s perspective of Metallica Underground –

“Metallica Underground didn’t catch my eye at first, but one day, as I was learning the art in the gallery, the piece spoke to me. I got a pen and a pad of paper and started to write. It showed me how I have so much “stuff” in front of who I truly am to help hide and protect myself. There are the small holes, that are back lite, in Metallica Underground that showed me the pure light that wants to come out so badly, but with the emotions that I crafted to create a shield stopped the light from shining out, and stopped love from coming in. It showed me I have to let down my walls to let the light within my soul shine, and in return allow others light to shine into me.”


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